Tigerwood (Brazilian Koa)

    Tigerwood Hardwood Floors

    Tigerwood is a bold species with an orange/reddish brown background with wide dark brownish black striping, which we liken to the striping found in “vanilla fudge” ice cream.

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    Tigerwood is a boldly striped species which has an orange/reddish brown background with wide dark brownish black striping. View our photo gallery.

    Color Range: exhibits a wide range of color/striping. The striping can vary from fine lines to bold “brush strokes”. The background color can range from light tans to darker orange browns.
    Color Change: exhibits a large degree of color change with a pronounced darkening of the background under the stripes from an orangey tan to a deep reddish brown color, which then in turn makes the striping less contrasting and more subtle.

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    Species Details

    Flooring Trade Name: Tigerwood
    Botanical Name: Astronium, spp
    Lumber Name: Goncalo Alves
    Other Names: Brazilian Koa
    Grows In: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico
    Hardness: Tigerwood is 170% as hard as red oak (2160 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for red oak).

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