Commercial Finishing System – The best commercial finish may be no finish at all.

Commercial Finishing System – Brazilian Direct Ltd. Flooring Inquiry Posted: 2014-06-04
by Dan Cosgrove
The best commercial finish may be no finish at all.

Searching for the perfect, long-lasting, low maintenance finishing system for high traffic exotic hardwood floors? We have the answer – a penetrating commercial system with no surface coating.

The Dura seal (mostly natural but available in colors) is applied and burnished in with steel wool or red polishing and buffer. The application includes penetration, color, sealer, friction to dry sealer and protection – so nothing spilled will penetrate wood.

The 2nd part of this system was Renovator – a cleaner, sealer, and for color if needed you could add 25% stain (to re-stain areas ). Due to tighter regulations for V.O.C.’s, Renovator is no longer available. The good news, however, is that the same maintenance can still be accomplished. Installers can legally make their own safe alternative using a 50-60% odorless mineral spirits and 40-50% DuraSeal Natural or DuraSeal Stain/Sealer to add color to a stained floor.

To renew the floor, unlike a sand and refinish with traditional finishes, a night crew could spray buff, or mop on burnish (with steel wool or a red polishing pad) with no downtime for the establishment. This system has been tested in shopping malls, clothing stores, and restaurants.

In the end this commercial application will outlast and outperform all others. It’s a system tested for over 30 years old and still standing strong. The wood will not wear out like polyurethane finishes – especially with exotic hardwoods 2x or 3x harder than domestic oak.

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Hardwood Flooring Industry Madness

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – Please read.

March Madness is the norm. This madness, however, is not unique to college basketball; such madness is also present in the hardwood flooring industry.

After 30 years of hardwood industry experience, I must say I have never been so disappointed with the market to which I have dedicated half my life.

It is not hard to see that the market has shifted. While economic change is inevitable in any market, ours has taken a turn for the worse. We now live in a marketing age full of Lumber Liquidators and Empire Today ads. Liquidators has misled many into believing Select Grade* (a low grade) is the best grade and is comparable to Clear. Empire Today promotes next day installation while, in reality, 95% of all quality ¾” hardwood flooring should acclimate in the house for 1 or 2 weeks prior to installation.

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