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Customer Testimonials

Over our 9 years of providing hardwood, we've delivered flooring to over 5,000 customers. We are a longtime member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Below, we have a few messages we've received from some of our satisfied customers.



Hey Nicole (I think you go by Nikki, but can't remember - sorry!)

I wanted to let you know how great the Brazilian Walnut (IPE) looks in our new home.  Great choice, great wood, great finish.  We love it
Thanks for your help!

~ Ken, MI
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)


Just wanted to let you know that we managed to get the subfloors dried out with the recommended dehumidifier. Sub floor readings got to between 8-9% on average. Our installer started Sunday. He is planning on finishing today. The floors are gorgeous. The wood was nearly flawless. Our installer is so impressed with the quality of the wood and how well its milled and fitting together. I was SO nervous about making such a large investment over the internet, but it's really paid off. Both my builder and installer are wanting your website information as they are both willing to endorse purchase with you after what they have seen. It's funny because my installer was incredibly skeptical at first and told me that something that seems too good to be true usually is...and I have to say that generally I agree with him. However in this case I really feel like we have struck gold.

~ Shannon M. New Salisbury IN,
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


The Flooring is in and looks outstanding! The installers were extremely impressed with the quality and will be recommending BD to their customers.

Thank you for all of your communications and assistance throughout the entire process.

Thanks Again!

~ Craig F. Farmington MI
Santos Mahogany (Cabrueva)


Thanks so much for the great customer service!

Much Appreciated,

~ Paul T, Houston TX
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Thank you so much for understanding my situation, you have been very kind and very professional. I will be getting my order Friday.


~ Russell B, Tolland, CT.
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Received the floor today (41 boxes). Opened one box so far. It looks really great!

Getting ready for the Hurricane now. It should pass right over us.

~ Peter D, Virginia Beach VA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


Thanks for the advice. That seems to have help with the floors.

We love the floor!

Thanks again

~ Matt S., Lafayette, LA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Thanks for everything!

Floor looks great!

~ Sue L, Columbia MD


We are really pleased with our flooring. We have had three dinner parties since finishing the room and everyone just loves it! Yes, they are so easy to clean especially since I purchased the robot "Mint" and let it do most of the dusting for me. I did see the photos on Facebook and they look really good.

We are having a wonderful summer and hope that you are also.

Best regards!

~ Leah S, Tulsa OK,
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Thank you, you should see it in person, it's so beautiful:) I'm so happy I got the Cumaru, it makes a big difference. If we put down oak, the house would be nice but this puts it on a different level.

if you could put it on the website, that would be great!!! Please let me know what you need. it's also a good advertisement for guys, I think.


~ Ildi K. Hopewell NJ,
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) - View Photos


I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know how much I love my floor!

~ Claire H, Larose LA,
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


The installer says the delivery and condition of product was flawless. Much appreciated. Nice doing business with you!

~ Barry D, Dupont WA
Tiete Rosewood


The room looks great. Your product is fantastic and you are especially nice. Thanks for all your help,

~ Rich G, Hendersonville NC
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


Just wanted to let you know that we recieved the flooring and it looks great! I can't wait to have it put down. They should be starting in couple of weeks. But from what I see, it will be beautiful. Will send pics.

Thanks for you help and patience with us!

~ Deb H, Clinton WA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


I just wanted to let you know that my husband picked up the wood on Tuesday with no issues at all. We've only opened one box of the wood so far until my contractor comes to look at it, but so far so good. The teak is beautiful and I can't wait to see it installed! I'll keep you posted! Thanks again for all your help!

~ Danelle E, Sicklerville NJ
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


We're thrilled with how it turned. You may gladly use the pictures on the web site!

Thank you for all of your help in answering our questions; it's truly been a pleasure working with you.

~ Sherie V, Grand Rapids MI,
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


On Oct. 20 2008 we purchased approx 800sq ft of PF 3/4x4. This was a self install for our kitchen, dining and living areas.

I'm happy to report that the floor is more beautiful than the day we installed it...the wood has turned to a rich red/brown hue.

The floor is laying flat, zero squeaks, cupping, gaps or splinters. Clear coat is holding up nicely, don't see glaring micro scratches in the clear coat.

This is a total departure from the past Bruce oak floors, contractor installed in our past two homes.

~ Henry C, Bluemont VA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


I just wanted to thank you again for all your kind help with our floors. They are in and look beautiful. Last night, four of us wrestled a 600 lb refrigerator into the house, rolling and sliding this thing halfway across the house into the kitchen. I was in a panic about our new floors but they came through it perfectly. Not a dent, scratch or other sign of the abuse we had just put it through. Great product and a great finish. Our contractor, who was already impressed with the quality, was amazed. I notice you have some cleaning and care products on your web site so we'll be shopping soon :)

~ Greg T, Tiburon CA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


The wood was delivered. The contractor checked random cartons like you suggested. He is very impressed and happy with the wood. He said and I agree that it is beautiful wood!! Thank you for all your help.


~ Laura M, Long Branch NJ
Tiete Rosewood


There were only one or two pieces in each of the three boxes that were damaged (not just bumped, but visible damage). The pieces can be salvaged by cutting off the damaged area. I don't think it's worth the time and effort to make a claim with the carrier.

I think we're going to wait for the fall to install the flooring. It's summer -- and time for fun and relaxation!

Thank you again for everything. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to our family and friends!

~ Darlene V, Lusby MD,
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)


Thanks.. I really appreciate it you all have the best communication and customer service of anyone i have ever purchased anything from over the internet...Thanks Again

~ Heath S, Eleanor WV
Tigerwood (Brazilian Koa)


This is just a note to let you know that your Brazilian cherry wood is simply beautiful. The installers are almost finished and the floors are looking great (everybody says so). Each time people comment, we tell them where they came from of course.

Thank you, with gratitude,

~ BJ L, Calistoga CA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

I really want to Thank You for all you have done. I really appreciate it. It was such a pleasure working with you!!! I know I can be demanding and overwhelming with questions, so Thank you for your patience! I have had issues with basically everything I've had done to my house and working with you was just such a nice experience.

~ Shanna L, Hillsborough NJ
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Finally, the flooring has been installed and I love it. Its better than I had expected. Everything worked out well and the installers too were very happy with the milling and the finish. All in all it was an excellent choice.

Thanks a ton for all your help and support. Also, I will be glad to provide any references, if needed.

Best Regards,

~ Dilip B, Monmouth Junction NJ
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


This email is way overdue, but I wanted to let you know how much we love our brazilian cherry floors. They are absolutely beautiful. I also would like you to share this email with your supervisor, as I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did last year, answering all my questions and ensuring that we were happy with our flooring selection. I can tell you that our Amish flooring contractor is a believer as well. He was impressed with the quality. Thank you again for everything.


~ Michelle and Mark C, Medina OH
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


I have to agree with Russell about the quality of the wood flooring we purchased from you. It is truly beautiful! Also, I want to thank you for your patience and advice while guiding Russell through the whole process. I was worried about purchasing directly, but you were terrific and we love our floors.


~ Kathy B, Tolland CT
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


We just got all of the wood! It looks great! Our Bobcat would not start so we had to unload by hand, lucky we had four trucks here and were able to load all of it in them to get it to the house.

I'll have to send a picture when the floor is in.

Thanks for all of your help

~ Patti K, Cincinnati OH
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)


As you can see from the email below from the installer the delivery and condition of product was flawless. Much appreciated. Not sure hen the Purolator and FedEx shipments will arrive.

Nice doing business with you!

-----Contractor Email-----


Just wanted to let you know the we did recieve the wood today and it is an absolutely amazing product. It makes me want to do my house with it. I will start installing it on Monday so I will let you know how things are going with that next week. Again, it was a perfect shipment and best of all, there was no damaged material.



~ Barry L., SC
Santos Mahogany (Cabreuva) - Eco Core Engineered


I am writing you to let you know that I received the shipment of flooring yesterday. It was delayed one day due to weather. Our area had a lot of ice. It was great that the shipment could arrive yesterday. The shipping company was awesome. I helped to unload all the bundles. Your flooring was professionally wrapped. Not a single piece of wood had the slightest damage. I am totally amazed with your company and my experience with you. You and your company are first rate. I will highly recommend you to everyone I can.

Once again thank you for your help. I have dealt with many people on this house over the 2 year construction process. You are truly one of the best in quick and helpful correspondence.

I will send you pictures as it comes together!

Best regards,

~ Tim H, Cumming GA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


Just wanted to let you know that my husband is in the process of installing the hardwood floors and they are BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all your help. I am really impressed with your company and will definitely recommend you to anyone that I know who is installing this kind of flooring. I called and talked with Dan this morning and ordered the molding that we needed.

Again, thanks for all your assistance.

~ Dottie L, Vacaville CA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


I just wanted to let you know my wife and I are very happy with the way our new hardwood floors turned out. Thank you very much for your help in making our home improvement project a success. Regards,

~ Courtney A, Creve Coeur MO
Tiete Rosewood


Just recieved our flooring!!! Looks great. Now a week or two to adjust and we install!!! Can't wait. Thanks

~ Larry B, Ottawa IL
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


My hardwoods are installed and I couldn't be happier. They look fabulous!

Best Regards,

~ Sajjad. K, Carmel IN


Well, the flooring has been installed, and it is beautiful! There is no odor, either, and that is definitely a relief. We still need to clean it up some-many of the ends had a little residue that needs to be cleaned off. I am going to use your website suggestion about the water, windex and a "wrung out" cotton rag. We are so thrilled with the floor. And as it darkens, it will become even more stunning. I will send you a picture when we get the floor cleaned and the room back in order. Thank you again - we couldn't be more pleased.

Diana B, Sacramento CA
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


Just a note to let you know the outcome. Professional delivery and product as advertised. Will send a pic after install. Great product and price.


George B, Roanoke VA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Now that our remodeling project is finished, and we are enjoying our new gorgeous Santos Mahogany floors, I wanted to follow-up with you to say thanks.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the flooring quality! The dimensional consistency is very impressive. It says a lot for your source mill in Brazil, and their attention to producing a high quality product. As a result of the dimensional consistency, I was able to stay within 1/4 inch from side to side across three whole rooms without having to make a transition to take up any run-out. Looks great!

Albeit the shipping/handling left a few boards damaged, there was plenty of extra material to cover the loss due to the 3 boxes you threw in to compensate for the shipment delay in customs.

If you ever need a recommendation, I would be happy to share my experience with potential customers of yours. I am sure to have a few friends and business contacts work with you as they consider hardwood.

Best regards,

Brandon. B, Clarkston MI
Santos Mahogany (Cabrueva)


Thank-you for the information. The truck arrangements worked well and I received the wood last night and placed it inside the house. it was in excellent shape and the packaging of the wood was extremely professional quality, good job.

I have opened two of the packages of wood and have found the wood in perfect condition. I must say that the your product is extremely good! again thank-you!

Tom S, Palm City FL
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


Everything went well and the flooring really looks good.

Thanks again,

Johnny H, Mt. Holly NC
Tigerwood (Brazilian Koa)


I wanted to let you know that the flooring arrived in great shape and super-fast. It was delivered on the Friday before Labor Day, which worked great for me. We plan to lay it out this weekend and begin installation the following weekend. We're very impressed with the fantastic assortment of long lengths, and especially with 6' and 7' foot boards! My wife has been taking pictures as we go, I'll send some on once the job is done.

It's been a pleasure doing business, and we've already recommended you to a couple of friends who are thinking hard wood.

Mike S, Cheyenne WY

we love our floor and now that our home is finished our friends all say wow ..these floors are beautiful.......which we knew all along...and you guys were great to do business with....thanks

Pat R, Bandon OR
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


We actually had the floor installed last week and it looks beautiful!!! Thanks so much for your help!

Christie A, Bartlett IL
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)


The main purpose of my last e-mail was to let you know how pleased I was with Brazilian Direct. If someone is looking for a reference, feel free to use me. You made it clear that there were no returns at the time of purchase. The 105 square feet (6 cartons) left over is available if someone is looking for a small amount at a time when you may not be able to provide it from your facility. We figure years from now the utility room may show wear and tear, or water damage or whatever. We can then use what we have left over to replace the flooring in that room.

It was good to hear from you. When all the furniture is put back in place I will snap a picture of the diagonal floor and e-mail it to you.

Thanks again,

Garry T, Elk Grove Village IL
Tigerwood (Brazilian Koa) - View Photos


Well, the wood was installed yesterday and all we can say is WOW!!! Lisa and I can't believe the beauty, to us this floor is a precious piece of art and we now have a priceless collection in our home. We're bubbling over.

We wanted to thank you for all your help, we would not have the confidence to proceed with the teak but for your quiet unassuming confidence. We'll send pics.

Check your schedule and the four of us can all meet for lunch/dinner sometime soon.

When you get a moment call on my cell

Thank you.

Tom and Lisa K, PA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)


Its been a while coming, but we (my wife and I) have moved into our new home as of the Friday before Christmas. We absolutely love our new floor. We take pride in having installed it ourselves. Everyone that sees it has only good to say about it. Your help and the quality of your product are greatly appreciated.

Dennis and Ann B., IA
Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) - View Photos


As I said, these pictures are high resolution so you can blow them up and see how the smooth finish enhances the overall look of the floor. The pictures were taken about 6 months after installation so the floor has a beautiful reddish tone to it.

I laid a "tile rug" in the kitchen. It is (DalTile) "Castle deVerre Turret Beige 13x13 laid diagonally in the center bordered by a wood toned tile "Timber Glen Rustic" 2x24 which I mitered at the corners. The outside is Castle DeVerre Regal Rouge 13x13 which borders up to the Koa as shown in one of the pictures I have sent to you. We considered a Tigerwood border for the "tile rug" in the kitchen but decided to keep the kitchen all tile for durability.

Everyone who sees the floors is amazed... which is pretty good considering I am just an amateur.

I can send more pictures if you want to see them. Since this was a Hurricane Katrina house where we did a complete gut-out I am going to do a before and after album.

Tom H., Chesterfield MO
Tigerwood (Brazilian Koa)