Brazilian Direct ltd. Best BBB in the Industry after 11 years! Brazilian Direct Hardwood Flooring (QUALITY Matters)

Best BBB in the Industry after 10 years!  (QUALITY Matters)

Brazilian Direct Ltd. Accredited Better Business Bureau (A+ rating after 10 years) since registering our business with BBB 10 years ago (since 8/19/2004) we have an A+ rating with BBB.  We have had 0 complaints in the past 12 months and 1 complaint with BBB In the last 3 years. A total of 6 resolved complaints in 10 years!

For an industry comparison, as of February 2015 (Lumber Liquidators BBB accredited since (10/04/2004) Lumber Liquidators also an A+ (not sure how). They have 273 complaints in the past 12 months and 612 complaints with BBB over the last 3 years.

Who are the BBBs?

  • Internationally-recognized organizations that “aim to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between business and the public through voluntary self-regulation, consumer and business education, and service excellence”

What do the BBBs do?

  • “BBBs are committed to the belief that the majority of marketplace problems can be corrected through voluntary self-regulation. We champion the cause of consumers and hold businesses accountable to the highest standards of honesty in their advertising and selling”

Brazilian Direct is a recognized BBB Accredited Business:

  • “BBB Accredited Businesses are businesses and firms which meet tough accreditation standards, agree to follow the highest principles of business ethics and voluntary self-regulation, and have accepted an invitation from us to join.”
  • “BBB Accredited Businesses are subject to the same scrutiny we give all businesses. Staunchly neutral, we provide reports on a business’ general background and consumer complaint history, if any. These reports cover accredited and non-accredited businesses alike.”

We believe our fulfillment of strict BBB standards and regulations overtly displays our time-tested business ethics and, further, how strongly we value customer satisfaction. 

WE HAVE – Integrity, Honesty Loyality & Respect

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