The best commercial hardwood finish may be no finish at all

Penetrating Commercial Hardwood Floor Finishing System

Searching for the perfect, long-lasting, low maintenance commercial hardwood floor finish system for high traffic exotic hardwood floors? We have the answer: a penetrating commercial system with no film coating.

Finish Application

The DuraSeal Finish is applied and burnished in with steel wool or red polishing and buffer. The application penetrates – imparting color, sealing the floor, utilizing friction to dry sealer and give complete protection – so nothing spilled will penetrate wood.

The second part of this system was originally DuraSeal Renovator Рa cleaner, sealer, and if needed you could add 25% stain to re-stain areas. Due to tighter regulations for VOCs, DuraSeal Renovator is no longer available. The good news, however, is that the same maintenance can still be accomplished. Maintenance crews can legally make their own safe alternative using a 50-60% odorless mineral spirits and naptha and 40-50% DuraSeal Natural or DuraSeal Stain/Sealer to add color to a stained floor.

Finish Maintenance

To renew the floor, unlike a sand and refinish with traditional finishes, a night crew could spray buff, or mop on and burnish ( with steel wool or a red polishing pad) with no downtime for the establishment. The depth and look of the floor improves with each application. This system has been tested in shopping malls, clothing stores, and restaurants.

Over time this commercial application will outlast and outperform all others. It’s a system tested for over 30 years old and still standing strong. The finish will not wear out like polyurethane finishes – especially with exotic hardwoods which are 2-3 times harder than domestic oak. With proper maintenance the floor will never need to be resanded.

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