Brazilian Direct Ltd. Accredited BBB A+ after 10 years 1 in 3 years (Quality Matters)

Better Business Bureau – Brazilian Direct Ltd. Accredited BBB with A+ after 10 years.

Who are the BBBs?

  • Internationally-recognized organizations that “aim to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between business and the public through voluntary self-regulation, consumer and business education, and service excellence”

What do the BBBs do?

  • “BBBs are committed to the belief that the majority of marketplace problems can be corrected through voluntary self-regulation. We champion the cause of consumers and hold businesses accountable to the highest standards of honesty in their advertising and selling”

Brazilian Direct is a recognized BBB Accredited Business:

  • “BBB Accredited Businesses are businesses and firms which meet tough accreditation standards, agree to follow the highest principles of business ethics and voluntary self-regulation, and have accepted an invitation from us to join.”
  • “BBB Accredited Businesses are subject to the same scrutiny we give all businesses. Staunchly neutral, we provide reports on a business’ general background and consumer complaint history, if any. These reports cover accredited and non-accredited businesses alike.”

We believe our fulfillment of strict BBB standards and regulations overtly displays our time-tested business ethics and, further, how strongly we value customer satisfaction.

Since registering our business with BBB 10 years ago (BrazilianDirect Ltd. has been BBB accredited since 8/19/2004) Brazilian Direct Ltd. has an A+ rating with BBB.  We have had 0 complaints in the past 12 months and 1 complaint with BBB In the last 3 years. A total of 6 resolved complaints in 10 year!!!

For an industry comparison, as of November 2014 (Lumber Liquidators BBB accredited since (10/04/2004) Lumber Liquidators also an A+ (not sure how). They have 276 complaints in the past 12 months and 598 complaints with BBB over the last 3 years.


Hardwood Flooring Industry Madness

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – Please read.

March Madness is the norm. This madness, however, is not unique to college basketball; such madness is also present in the hardwood flooring industry.

After 30 years of hardwood industry experience, I must say I have never been so disappointed with the market to which I have dedicated half my life.

It is not hard to see that the market has shifted. While economic change is inevitable in any market, ours has taken a turn for the worse. We now live in a marketing age full of Lumber Liquidators and Empire Today ads. Liquidators has misled many into believing Select Grade* (a low grade) is the best grade and is comparable to Clear. Empire Today promotes next day installation while, in reality, 95% of all quality ¾” hardwood flooring should acclimate in the house for 1 or 2 weeks prior to installation.

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