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How to clean your Exotic Hardwood Floor

Fill your laundry tub with 4 inches of warm water and then splash the water with @ 10 % Windex. Take a hand towel 12 x 15 cotton and submerge it. Ring it out so the water does not drip when you hold it up.

Put the towel flat on the floor - put a lightweight push broom in the middle of the towel, flip the front portion on the towel over the broom to hold it in place. Walk the floor, slowly behind the wet cleaning path, moving the broom head to a clean area of the towel and then flipping the towel over to the clean side. Re-rinse the towel out 2 or 3 times & repeat this process until all the dirt is gone.

Do this monthly. Vacuum daily with a vacuum head that has felt bumpers and weekly wipe up sticky spills immediately with Windex and a wet paper towel.

You must also put stick on felt glides on or tap in felt glides on every thing that touches the floor. Table legs, chairs, bottom of trash cans etc. To move around furniture cut carpet into 4 x 4 inch pieces and put them under legs. Slid around the furniture with carpet side face down. Once the final decision is made, remove carpet swatches.

Never roll a refrigerator over a hardwood floor - put down ¼ in plywood or a piece of vinyl prior to rolling out - the wheels of the refrigerator will dent the floor.

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