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Brazilian Direct

Liquidation/Big Box

Low Prices Yes Yes
Waste Percentage 5-7% 10%
Best Quality Yes - Premium/A Grade Usually not - "Select" is not
the best grade of exotics
Finish Warranty 25 Years Varies
(No Warranty to 100 Year/Lifetime)
Customer Service
Yes Usually not - often
"just another number"
Easiest Installation Yes Usually not.
Some items are subjective and may vary based on your exact product. We think when you compare in most cases, you'll find we're right - and that we offer better quality and service at a great price.

Not knowing can cost you thousands

Once you buy a floor, you aren't home free. It's important to install and maintain your home properly to keep the floor from failing in a few months or years. Low prices don't mean much if a floor fails because the dealer was too busy to educate you. We educate each of our customers on proper maintenance and installation of hardwood flooring.

Our Quality Pays

Our waste percentage for our premium hardwood is 5-7%, while some other companies require 10% waste (or more). We've seen reports from consumers for some leading brands needing 15% or mor - a huge hidden cost! Check out our true cost comparison and be sure to research waste requirements for other products.

While per-square foot the prices might be cheap from some vendors, the extra waste can add hundreds of dollars to your total cost.

Our Premium Grade hardwood is better than select grade, with higher consistency and lower defects. With our waste percentage at 5-7%, you can easily save hundreds of dollars. Learn how.

Know your provider's reputation

Reputation matters with hardwood flooring - especially exotics. Be sure to check out your providers reputation online. Search for your dealer and/or brand at popular sites including:

Realistic Warranties

We believe in realistic warranties, not marketing gimmicks. Our 25-year warranty offers premium protection without overpromising. If you read the exclusions in "lifetime" or "100 year" warranties, you'll probably find that they don't offer any real added protection or value versus our warranty.