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Installation Instructions and Tips

Read this before you install the floor.

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Since Brazilian exotic/tropical woods make up only 10% on the hardwood market, many installers are only experienced with using softer domestic species. We strongly recommend choosing an NWFA certified professional hardwood flooring contractor that has experience with exotics. Your installer can assist you in calculating final square foot amounts.

In order to install pre-finished 3/4" hardwood flooring you will need these materials:

1. Appropriate amount of hardwood flooring (including 7-8% waste) acclimated for 1-2 weeks (acclimation period pertains to solid flooring, not engineered).

2. A 3/4" CDX grade plywood or OSB PS2 rated underlayment, existing or installed.

3. A nail or cleat gun that can deliver ~90lbs/square inch of pressure. Using excessive pressure will cause flooring tongues to break and may cause other installation problems. We recommend Powernailers

4. 18 gauge, 2" cleats / Pneumatic (air driven) or traditional power nailers (manual) can be used. Brazilian Direct recommends using Cleats over Staples during the installation of exotic 3/4" solid, as staples often hold the flooring too tightly and restrict the natural expansion and contraction of the hardwood.

5. 15 lb. black roofing paper for underlayment.

6. Any trim necessary for completion of the project.

The contractor will tightly and firmly move each board into place, nailing through the tongue of each board every 8" and on every joist below. Your new hardwood flooring will need to be installed perpendicular to the joists below.

These are just basic guidelines for typical solid hardwood flooring installations. Since every job is different, we strongly recommend choosing a certified NWFA professional for a successful installation.

Additional Tips

Take and document moisture readings of flooring material and subfloor PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. If the moisture readings are not within 3% DO NOT INSTALL. Allow additional acclimation time.

Do not install this wood if you are not satisfied with the MILLING, NATURAL COLORS or FINISH.

If the shorter pieces in these bundles will not look best in certain areas, accumulate these and install them in a more agreeable or less visible area (like a closet). Any adjustments made to placement of individual pieces should be done while racking out of the floor, prior to installing. Once the flooring is installed, exchanges or replacing individual pieces is no longer an option.

Install or leave felt pads on everything touching the floor.

It is best to not REPLACE CARPETS FOR THREE - SIX MONTHS as all exotic floors will oxidize from the UV rays of the sun and DARKEN.

Clean only with an approved hardwood Flooring Maintenance Kit. Do not wax this floor. Do not use vinegar and water on this floor.

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