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Shipping Information

Brazilian Direct Ltd. ships flooring from many warehouse locations around the U.S. and globally with the help of the common third party carriers we use to manage our shipping needs.

Scheduling Delivery

Our customers are able to choose the delivery date (with consideration to transit time) and a time frame that works best for their schedule. Once the flooring is purchased and the selected delivery date approaches, our freight coordinator will arrange for the flooring to be picked up from the warehouse. Please note, it is the customer's responsibility to call and arrange a delivery window with the carrier.

Tracking Your Shipment

After the pickup appointment has been made, the customer will receive an email indicating the flooring delivery has started. Within 48 hours, the customer will be sent an email that includes the Pro and tracking information, as well as a freight company contact. The customer should call the carrier as soon as they have the tracking information to arrange for a delivery time frame on the delivery date chosen.

Preparing for Delivery

On the date the flooring is to be delivered to the shipping address, the customer should call the carrier first thing that morning to ensure the delivery is still on schedule. Though the carrier is most often on time, unforeseen events do occur that may result in a brief delay in the final delivery.

A 1,000 sq ft floor weighs about 4,000 lbs and requires about 60 cartons that are 7' long. Each pallet is approximately 4' X 4' X 8', with a weight of up to 4,000 pounds. Customers have 1 hour, without the use of a liftgate, to offload the material. Please be sure to plan appropriately so the delivery goes smoothly.

Unloading your Flooring

Once the flooring arrives, we advise the receiver to look over the shipment carefully. Be sure the box labels match your order. Note any damage large or small in detail on the Bill of Lading (BOL). It is important to take pictures of any areas of concern. The driver will remove the binding and shrink-wrap from the pallet allowing the customer and helpers to offload this flooring box by box.

Residential deliveries are non-assisted offloads at the curb-side. You and your helpers will be responsible for offloading the truck within 1 hour. The truck driver will not assist the customer and the cargo is too heavy to use the lift-gate on the trailer. If the customer is offered and accepts a lift-gate from the carrier, please note the customer will then be responsible for the additional cost incurred.

Shipping Damage

While the vast majority of shipments are incident-free, we want customers to be prepared so that we can promptly provide assistance in the event of any mishaps.

The customer must accept all of the flooring regardless of any shipping damage that may have occurred. Failure to do so makes it extremely difficult to assess how much replacement flooring is necessary, and adds significant extra shipping and handling costs. We will promptly assist in replacing any flooring that was damaged in transit if necessary.

Brazilian Direct has completed over 5000 deliveries. Most damage during shipping, regardless of how bad it looks, is usually insignificant and only affects the packaging - 90% or more of all damaged boxes/cartons can be used (2 damaged boxes many result in only 4 sq ft of hardwood lost).

If the customer refuses any portion of the shipment, that portion will not be subject to return, claim, warranty, or refund and the customer will be responsible for additional shipping fees.

If you have any additional questions, please request a quote or contact your representative for more details.